Cosmos Innovation is engaged in the generation and development of innovative startup projects.

The revival of the Minsk GUM is a project aimed at the reconstruction of the main department store of Belarus, whose niche has been occupied by modern shopping centers, almost completely overshadowing the greatness of this epoch-making place.

The essence of the project is to restart GUM in a format that is relevant for current generations, which will allow combining premium service with the unique uniqueness of the history of the cult place. It is important for us to preserve the special “vintage spirit” of the room, while preserving the traditional elements of decor and decoration, while creating a more flexible and wider space for convenient shopping.

Despite the fact that GUM is a universal trading place with a standard set of daily goods, the project plans to include:

  • the best domestic and foreign luxury boutiques: Versace, Loewe, Louis;
  • dress-making and tailoring establishments;
  • restaurants, family bars and enclosed ones;
  • delicatessen store: coffee, pastry services;
  • conference rooms, podium;
  • SPA-halls, medical and beauty services.

The aim is to refresh the style of the entire department store, open a new page for him in history, develop a unique project, as we create a place where people will come as if to a museum, accompanying it not only with useful, but with pleasant pastime.

CreamSale is a project aimed at identifying the balance of the market and market services provided to the average consumer.

The project is developing a solution to such problems as:

  • the glut of the market, the associated difficulties in choosing a bargain;
  • inferiority or lack of a unifying service;
  • lack of fixed prices;

The solution is provided through a mutually beneficial combination of goods (exchanges, services) with discounts (stocks, cashback) through artificial intelligence, which guarantees the perfect combination for each client.

Bungalow Island is a project designed to provide people with year-round recreation beyond seasonal limitation. For various reasons, not all people can afford the traditional sea vacation in the summer, limiting themselves to the available alternatives (sanatorium, cottage, camping).

We see a prospect in the possibility of creating a real oasis for everyone: the decision of the project implies the creation of a swimming pool with an indoor beach, which allows preserving the temperature of the resorts in the winter. This is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of a beach with hot sand under your feet, a blue sky above your head, palm trees and a salt pool that simulates the sea!

The objective of the Bungalow Island project is to give people the opportunity to enjoy the beach, sea, resort year-round:

  • improve health and strengthen immunity through a unique imitation of marine flora;
  • recover their strength, regardless of the time of year;
  • the ability to rent a personal number or a whole bungalow;
  • entertainment program: food courts, mini water parks, botanical garden, theme parties;