This problem is relevant for working with government agencies in any country. UNICAP develops exclusively in the legal field, so we must clearly state our position and exclude such risks.

The PFI concept allows the transition from direct public administration to public administration and eliminates the preconditions for corruption.

Solving specific problems. Today, states and most regions in the former Soviet Union are facing acute social problems, including those related to the housing sector. They have a direct impact on social stability and the level of government support. At the moment, we are the only ones who can effectively solve these problems on a state scale, relying on real experience and modern technologies.

Implementation. Project implementation is carried out as part of government programs. Owing to this, local officials have less opportunity for pressure or opposition, since they must report on the implementation of national projects.

Regional opportunities. Since we are the first to arrive, we have the opportunity to choose regions whose leadership does not put forward any personal requirements directly or indirectly related to the illegal enrichment possibility. In the absence of competition, an official can either give us the opportunity to solve the problems of his region, or continue to bear the negative consequences associated with them.