We are always interested in modernization of our production, and for this reason, an innovative business approach is an important component of our development. We provide innovative activities in all spheres as we work to the maximum:

  • technical: what is manifested in the production of products with modernized properties;
  • technological: thanks to which we use the most effective production methods;
  • organizational and managerial: which helps us to optimize infrastructure, production structure, transportation and supply;
  • information: to solve problems in the scientific and technical field;
  • social: in the framework of improving working conditions for staff, allocating funds to maintain the health of employees, improving their qualifications and training.

Economics: The Science of Choice

The economic component of UNICAP’s development is strongly linked to an understanding of the needs that are most pressing on the agenda in the global community. The production of material goods is impossible without knowledge of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

We provide:

  • efficient and systematic use of resources;
  • production, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development;
  • life cycle management of products and services;
  • benchmark for equity in distribution.

Working at the international and regional level, we always study the problem of choice in the conditions of limited resources to maximize the needs of society.

Implementation of an ECO approach in business development

Ecology is considered to be responsibility for the environment: the preservation of clean air and water, “zero” waste and environmental justice, which regulates social relations in the field of interaction between society and nature.

We offer to expand our view and follow the principle of the ECO approach in everything: from the corporate culture to the implementation of global environmental projects.

As a number one trend of society, an eco-view of the world expands our capabilities and opens up many advantages:

  1. Correctly organized interaction as the foundation of life: each of us realizes our innate talents, performing important and socially useful work for the benefit of the whole world.
  2. Respectful attitude not only to nature, but also to the personality of each person: we develop strengths and do not detract from the possibility of developing the most vulnerable and weaknesses ones. Each person is a unique source of knowledge indispensable for society.
  3. Harmony and balance in everything: we do not violate the rules of the universe and are always in a state of free artists and creators. The basis of our success is knowledge and constant study of the principles of functioning and factors that impede or contribute to the development of everything that surrounds us.
  4. Deserved attitude towards our “vis-a-vis”: we follow the principles of trust and popularize the respect for everything that surrounds us – whether that be a person, a resource or the biosphere as a whole, as a place that unites us.
  5. And finally, environmental friendliness is the basis of life: here the basis is the most relevant, reliable knowledge of man and the biosphere. Based on this knowledge, environmental friendliness gives an impulsion to the most productive relations on an individual and universal level.