The UNICAP’s structure fully meets the modern requirements of corporate culture, and the management company’s team will be expanded to 200 (or more) qualified and professional employees.

Risk minimization associated with the life cycle of companies is achieved in accordance with the requirements of modern world experts in the field of improving the work of commercial and state organizations through making changes in the “optimal path”, without the destructive conflicts that usually accompany most attempts at organizational changes.

The format of an international management company does not involve the intervention of founders and investors in management.

Our goal is to implement the principles of corporate governance and create a specific corporate culture that is not dependent on a specific person. There is a management team that implements the goals and objectives in each project, the actions of which are controlled by the company.

We support an open, collaborative and respectful corporate culture to bring the very best from the best. A transparent organizational hierarchy opens up wide opportunities for autonomy and enterprise, while encouraging opposing views, which, in our opinion, lead to a more creative and adaptive way to achieve our strategic goals.