Housing and communal services are a promising market, one of the largest sectors of the economy, and the turnover is comparable to defense spending.

The introduction of modern technologies and methods of doing business in this sphere leads to the improvement of the life of the population and the strategic position of the country as a whole. According to estimates of the World Health Organization, about 90% of human diseases are associated with the use of poor-quality water or the use of untrained water in everyday life – for washing dishes, taking a shower, washing, etc. The water used in our country is, as a rule, significantly inferior in quality leading western countries. Water supply and sanitation represent a huge market, measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars on a global scale.

Reputable international organizations have already agreed that water is oil of the 21st century. It would be extremely short-sighted to ignore such a significant reservoir for the cyclical life support of the whole world.

Water quality is key not only for the health and longevity of people. Industrial use of water can make serious demands on its quality in accordance with the technologies used, directly affecting the quality and cost of production

VODPROM is a project company within the framework of the UNICAP PFI-project, which finances, designs, builds and operates the contract object. Ownership of the property belongs to this company.

The PFI concept guarantees VODPROM a secure, market-independent and crisis-free development for decades. Authorities do not interfere in the current activities of their partner, allowing him to reduce costs, especially at the operational stage, through the use of innovation, know-how, cooperation and other actions.

VODPROM in perspective

20 +
30 +
million clients
10 +
thousand employees
1 +
billion € of annual turnover
20 %
PFI market water treatment utilities of EAEU

The PPP agreement is concluded for the entire program to reduce the influence of regional characteristics. In each region, a plant is being built to produce modern water treatment equipment. The total investment in projects implemented by VODPROM is 1.5+ billion euros.