The fundamental idea of UNICAP is to follow the concept of ESG as a guarantee of stable development on the basis of a trustful and mutually beneficial alliance with the state.

The idea of our investment philosophy is to improve the standard of living of people, improve social, economic and environmental factors, as well as to promote regional and international cooperation in order to solve problems of any complexity.

Our main ally is the state and only together we come to success in achieving our goals. This alliance significantly speeds up the solution of socially important issues in the most priority sectors of the economy and guarantees stability at all stages of the project.

With all responsibility we evaluate and share the state’s mission in solving social and economic problems, realizing that the forces and budget funds involved are not always enough for a timely result.

The UNICAP foundation is based on the principle of sustainable development as the most effective way of improvement.

The modern business area has enough strength and motivation for successful consolidation with government agencies: most projects are ready for mutually beneficial partnerships and have the necessary resources for the successful implementation of tasks of any complexity. It is this approach that guarantees a long-term solution to any problems within the framework of mutual interest and trustful partnership of both parties: the state and business.